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Experience and adventure is what we do!

At Adventures for Hopi, we utilize an Experiential Education approach in facilitating our program initiatives. We believe that Experiential Education, which is meaningful learning though direct experience, is the very essence of indigenous education. Education through direct experience is not a new concept to indigenous people. It is the very core of indigenous knowledge and understanding. By utilizing the Experiential Education approach, we are returning to the way our minds have historically conceived the world while keeping in mind our traditional values. We are adopting and incorporating aspects of Adventure Education and utilizing adventure as a conduit for meaningful education and social change. Adventures for Hopi hopes to re-establish this way of understanding


Our Philosophy represented in our logo!

Our logo represents the philosophy of the program as a stylized design of a Hopi cloud symbol. The Hopi people covet rain as it is a scarce resource in the arid deserts of Arizona. Rain is a recognized as a blessing and is a sign of renewal and beginning of life. The three clouds represent the three initiatives Adventures for Hopi implements. The five bars falling off the clouds represents rain as well as our five focus areas. The roots represent our cultural grounding and serves as our foundation. We are responsible for and held accountable by oneself, our family, our villages, our world, the earth, and a greater being. Bound together, these ideals create a program that can have a meaningful impact for the individuals as well as the communities we serve. This is represented by the “trunk” and beginning growth of the “tree”.


Our Five Areas of Focus

Adventures for Hopi has five areas of focus that provides a holistic approach to facilitating our initiatives. These five areas bring the core values of the program together while carrying indigenous thought through initiatives.


Education- Education is the pillar of our program and is the main theme throughout our initiatives. We focus on the sciences such as geology, biology, ornithology, SW literature, etc, to indigenous knowledge such as local history, stories, plant/animal identification etc. We believe that our activities offer great opportunities for teachable lessons that are immediately Applicable in the field.


Health- Due to the inherent nature of our activities, addressing the well being of our participants is at the forefront of all of our initiatives. We adapt and focus on healthy living in as well as out of the field. We achieve this by either encouraging healthy eating and exercise habits by highlighting the body’s needs for extended and strenuous activities. We also achieve this by providing healthy meals in our overnight and long term initiatives. Our curriculum incorporates human physiology and development into our initiatives for the participants benefit.


Development- Development is an all-encompassing term that participants will experience while participating in our initiatives. Skill, interpersonal, interpersonal, and leadership development are inevitable when participating in a direct and meaningful experience. We facilitate and encourage these positive developmental aspects with our participants by facilitating and providing that meaningful experience.


Service- Adventures for Hopi believes that to be successful in the community as a organization and as individuals, we must give back to the community that we serve. We provide opportunities for our participants as well as our organization to contribute meaningful service to our people through service learning.


Opportunity- Adventures for Hopi believes that there is potential for every individual who comes through our program to succeed and flourish. We offer opportunities through our initiatives by providing our services to help that individual reach their full potential.