Our Current scheduled activities for 2016!


Listed are scheduled activities for our 3 initiatives. To sign up for an initiative, please contact us with your name and what initiative you are signing up for. For the summer season our Service Learning projects are in full swing and we begin trainings in the fall! Consider volunteering to get a head start in the trainings!



Stay tuned for parent and child bonding weekends, movie nights, child activities, and young men's/women's pathways!


Service of Adventure

Thanks to HEEF funding we can officially announce that we are offering our 2016 Summer Outdoor School activities Starting June 6th! Do you know a kiddo who doesn't know what to do for the summer? Send them our way! We are providing opportunities to give back to the community through meaningful community service projects on Hopi and in return for the kiddos commitment, we will take them on kayaking adventures! Enrollment is FREE as thank you for your committment to the community! Send us an email for more info or click the "Forms" tab to get the application!


Trainings and Mentorships


2015 Fall General Training. (Closed)

2016 Training will commence in October 2016

Spetember 20th to December 20th.

See the Tab titled "Forms" for the application as well as training schedule.