STAFF Designations

A4H has two designations for Staff. LEAD Team has been working with the program for over a year and is Wilderness First Responder Certified. SUPPORT Team is in training and is going through the process of becoming Lead Team certified. At A4H, trainees get the chance to "Earn their Stripes" through a hands on experiential learning. Staff not only learn the technical skill sets required of the job, but also gets first hand experience working alongside Lead Team with students and clients. The designation is also built into the program as a support structure during facilitation of adventure activities. Lead team is charged with exemplifying all the traits of a good leader and is responsible for the safety of our students. Support team is charged with bolstering the decisions of the lead and managing tasks and students. Through this, the facilitators support one another as a team and as a family that we have nurtured.

Anthony Harris

Hello, my name is Anthony Harris and I am a member of the Hopi tribe. I spent five

years, active duty, in the United States Air Force and currently devoting time towards a

paramedic studies degree.Although I have always had a taste for outdoor activities, I have only recently been exposed to the level that Outdoor Education can provide. My involvement with Adventures for Hopi has definitely helped me grow with hands-on-skill work and overall positive character. I feel the services Adventures for Hopi can offer, would greatly benefit any youth from any background.Some quotes I try to live by are, "Keep moving forward", "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time", and "Life is hard. It's even harder when you're stupid", because I feel they all express what you need to be productive person. Productivity can makes a positive world happen for others and yourself. I look forward to working with this program and seeing it reach it's full potential. Hopefully, we will have you join us on our adventure.

Danielle Romeyn

Hi my name is Danielle Romeyn. I am a West Michigan Dutch girl who moved out to Hopi in 2005. I have always loved being in nature and being able to see the diversity every area displays. Throughout my life I have had opportunity to get into nature and every one of these experiences has changed me and shaped the way I see the world around me. Adventures for Hopi has an amazing vision of bringing out Hopi people into their land to interact with it in a respectful way and with a fresh perspective. I am excited that this program connects the opportunities they will have in the outdoors with everyday life experiences.

Marshall Masayesva, Program Director

Hello! I am from the Village of Bacavi on the Hopi Reservation. I am a recent graduate from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO with a bachelor's in Adventure Education. Adventure Education falls under the broader realm of Experiential Education, which is education through meaningful experience. I chose Adventure Education because I quickly realized the social, developmental, and therapeutic applications that adventure activities could have for reservation youth. Some of the most profound and overwhelmingly positive experiences in my life have come from fearfully hanging off of a wall, quietly paddling down the river, or enduring a 500 mile trek through the mountains. I do not see these activities simply as recreational pursuits or as something to be conquered or proved.  Instead, I perceive these "adventures" as a way to see myself positively, better myself,  and have the courage to apply myself to anything within my reach. I am passionate about providing these same opportunities for reservation youth who may be completely unfamiliar with these types of activities but very eager to learn. I created this program to provide a novel and effective way to reach our youth.

Tiffany Bahnimptewa

My name is Tiffany Bahnimptewa. I am from the village of Hotevilla and belong to the water clan. I joined the Adventures for Hopi because I like being in the outdoors. I spent a lot of time outdoors as a child but in the past few years I havenʼt been able to get out and enjoy it like I once had. When I went out with A4H, it provided an opportunity for me to interact with nature and it reminded me of how I spent my childhood. I am excited for my Hopi people to get to experience the outdoors in a way that challenges them to step outside their comfort zones.

Maijah Monongye

Hello my name is Maija Monongye-Carter. I am from the village of Hotevilla and belong

to the spider clan. i joined Adventures For Hopi for all the fun experience to try new

things and to put my leadership skills to the test. Being in A4H helped me to get out of

my comfort zone and take a risk. It changed how i see nature and myself. I love

Adventures For Hopi!

Bio's Coming Soon!

Terri Honani
Jennifer Himmel
Humewysi Sockwyma
Neil Yazzie

As a new starting program we are always looking for individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to make our events happen. Join Mittens, our mascot, in volunteering!

Nicholas Turco 

Student Intern 

Nicholas Turco lives in Durango Colorado, where he attends Animas High an experiential public charter school. He is an Avid Cross Country Runner and is engaged in diversity work in the community.He has an 11 year old brother who is an amazing Snowboarder. He is interested in wilderness therapy and adventure education as a career as well as social work and anthropology. He is a member of the Prejudice Elimination Action Team in Durango, working to promote diversity and tolerance in Durango public schools and community. He participates in a project week with his school where he has annually donated a week of community service to community gardens. He loves the mountains and the trails of Colorado and has spent much time with his team running through them in camps focusing on team building and leadership skills. As well as fostering a deep value for the natural environment.


Coupled with the Animas internship program Adventures for Hopi has opened an avenue for Nicholas and future interns to follow such passions. Nicholas is Currently in the 11th grade and is about to embark on an intensive internship to the Third Mesa of Hopi lands in the town of Bacavi with the  outdoor adventure and service learning school Adventures for Hopi that is catered to Hopi and Tewa youth. Here he will be engaged in helping his mentor and program director Marshall Masayesva develop Adventures for Hopi Youth through contacting and developing service learning partnerships with the community, as well as facilitating outdoor adventure activities along with curriculum development. He will also be engaged in helping launch a backpacking expedition to the confluence of the Grand Canyon from Third Mesa with the initiative of reclaiming traditional Hopi trails as well as fostering healing and environmental awareness.


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