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We hope to bring together all organizations, programs, and individuals that serve youth on the reservation. We hope to build and continue to provide opportunities to our youth through our growing network. Here are a few of our partners. If you would like to find out how you can become involved, please visit our contact page.

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Bacavi Youth Program

Adventures is partnering with the Bacavi Youth Program for the 2014 summer to develop and facilitate a scavenger hunt designed to be fun as well as educational. We are working with various tribal programs to make the scavenger hunt happen! We are also planning more technical activities for the youth. The Bacavi Youth Program is a year round after school village program catering you young kids up to high school.

Native Youth Cultural Exchange

Ang Pòota is partnering with NYCE for the 2014 summer to provide our experiential outfitting services as well as our our education expertise to the exchange. The Native Youth Cultural Exchange (NYCE) an Affiliate project of the Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development, is a Native leadership project infused with ancient cultural traditions and modern, progressive community revitalization strategies. The Exchange is designed to develop the capabilities of Native Youth to actively help their communities preserve and nurture their culture and environment.

NYCE was developed through community visioning to help Native youth increase their awareness of the importance of maintaining a perpetuating Native Culture. Many youth felt isolated and struggled with developing a global context in which their traditional culture was useful and pertinent. Through a series of seemingly unrelated events, fate brought Hawaiian Charter school educators, Hopi Youth Coordinators, and Pit River/Wintu community members together in the Hopi village of Kykotsmovi where they shared their concerns and love for youth and began building the foundation for what was to become the Native Youth Cultural Exchange.