Adventures For Hopi Interns

As an educational program, we seek to offer opportunities for individuals to reach their educational goals as well as explore career options. We are proud to announce that we are offering our first Internship with an amazing and enthusiastic young student wishing to offer his services to the program for the month of March. He has plenty of work lined up with us and he will also be receiving High School credit for his internship with Adventures. Join me in welcoming him and thanking him for enthusiastically offering to work with our program!

Nicholas Turco lives in Durango Colorado, where he attends Animas High, an experiential public charter school. He is an Avid Cross Country Runner and is engaged in diversity work in the community. He has an 11 year old brother who is an amazing Snowboarder. He is interested in Wilderness Therapy and Adventure Education as a career as well as Social Work and Anthropology. He is a member of the Prejudice Elimination Action Team in Durango, working to promote diversity and tolerance in Durango public schools and the community. He participates in a project week with his school where he has annually donated a week of community service to community gardens. He loves the mountains and the trails of Colorado and has spent much time with his team running through them in camps focusing on team building and leadership skills. As well as fostering a deep value for the natural environment.

Coupled with the Animas internship program, Adventures for Hopi has opened an avenue for Nicholas and future interns to follow such passions. Nicholas is Currently in the 11th grade and is about to embark on an intensive internship to the Mesas of Hopi with the outdoor adventure and service learning program. Here he will be engaged in helping his mentor and Program Director, Marshall Masayesva, develop Adventures for Hopi through contacting and developing service learning partnerships with the community, as well as facilitating outdoor adventure activities along with curriculum development. He will also be engaged in helping launch a backpacking expedition to the Grand Canyon with the initiative of reclaiming traditional Hopi trails as well as fostering healing and environmental awareness.

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